There is a story of an ancient Hebrew rabbi who was traveling through Roman occupied territory in the time of day when the light is dim.  As the rabbi approached a roman outpost he heard the voice of a sentry call out, “Who are you, and where are you going?”  He paused then responded, “I will pay you twice what you’re currently getting paid to stand outside my door and aske me that every day.”

So, who do you think you are, anyway?  Good question.  This is the part of the blog where I get to focus on me.  It’s like one of my favorite subjects, and I’m one of the foremost experts on the subject.  So…let me briefly tell you about myself:

I’m Jim Daniels. Married to Dana Daniels (works at Western Seminary).  Two children (Alex…born in 2003, Madalyn…aka “Bis”…born in 2005).  Graduated summa cum lucky from Stanwood High School in Stanwood, Washington in 1994 then on to Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa in 1998.  Received a degree in Humanities (English and Music).  Then on to Western Seminary where I graduated in 2002.

Served American Reformed Church in Primghar, Iowa: a group of the kindest people who ever taught a pastor to be a pastor.  Then on to First Reformed Church in Orange City, Iowa: historically a leader in the area of missions in the RCA.

Moved to Holland, Michigan.  Bought a house.  Began starting our new church.  Bought a dog (Jack…yah, Jack Daniels). 

I have a sister, Tammy Keepers, who lives in Holland.  She teaches kids how to say “Hola”.  I have a brother, Patrick Neill, who lives near Seattle.  He helps people communicate using technology.  I have a mother, Joanie Yonker, who points people toward Jesus.  I have a father in Tulsa, Oklahoma, who drives a truck.

I have some spiritual gifts and try to use them.  I have some hobbies, and try to keep them in balance.  I do not exercise enough. 

Ok, enough about that.

  1. Toni Hoxie
    February 12, 2011 at 3:02 pm

    Hi James! Good to be here. Got your blog from your Mom!! Don’t know if you remember me or not -I’ve attended Camano Chapel with your Family for 20 years but have not seen you much since you grew up, what with your college and living else where but Joanie keeps me up to date on your ministry and beautiful family. She suggested your blog. And it is so encouraging , it will be good to consider Jesus with you…God keep you and those you love! In Him-Toni Hoxie. 🙂

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