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Vacation Package Review

March 12, 2011 Leave a comment

OK, occasionally I do a review (a book, movie, place to walk in the woods, etc.).  I’m not going to review Disney, but I am going to review the agent we worked with and the idea of getting a vacation package verses doing all yourself.

Now, we’ve put together small vacations on our own before.  It’s kind of exciting.  But you have to think of stuff and pay attention to details.  Plus, what if you think of the wrong stuff and pay attention to the wrong details.  We decided to do Disney with the help of someone who has been there (multiple parks and cruises) literally dozens of times. 

His name is Brett, and he bleeds pixey dust.  I mean this guy and his family love Disney and go there frequently.  You would really like him: he’s fun and funny, his family is lively and creative.  But, he’s already married, so I’ll stop trying to get you to go on a date with him.  He went to high school with Dana in Rock Rapids, IA and now lives in Nebraska (original home of Arbor Day).  He has a day job, but on the side as a hobby and passion he helps other people enjoy Disney.

He has the inside scoop on when Disney gives out particular deals and when is a good or bad time to go.  So, apparently, if you know how and when to get signed up you can get a deal where there’s free food.  That’s what we did.  Saved us easily over a thousand dollars.  He knew how to get us in on it.  Plus, did you know that there are a bunch of great restaurants at Disney, but you can only get in if you have a reservation…and they go in a matter of hours from the moment the opportunity opens.  Brett knew which ones to get us into (perfect for our family) and when to do it.

We stayed at the right resort for us (any more formal would have been stressful.  There were great pools and a cafeteria for quick meals when we needed them.  He asked us if we wanted him to set up an itinerary for us so we could get the most out of our trip.  We said, “heck yah!”.  And he did.  He lined up a meal the very first night where we got to meet Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Pluto and more.  Then the First morning we ate breakfast at the big castle and met all the main princesses.  This way we had met all the main people and didn’t have to wait in line for HOURS to meet them. 

He gave us tips on all the parks and which lines to get into right away because they fill up fast.  He was available via email, phone, and text throughout the trip and we utilized him a couple of times when we had questions.  I could swear the guy knew everything.  The only thing I wish we would have done (which Brett told us was a good option) was to get a “park hopper” pass that allows you to go to multiple parks during the same day. 

Three summations:

1. Brett made our trip completely enjoyable and easy…we didn’t have to think about anything.

2. A trip for our family for 6 nights including all our food and entrances to 4 parks on various days cost us less than $3,000 (including airfare)!

3. We did this whole thing with another family and had adjoining rooms – so this can work for your family reunion or larger group.

OK, this was kind of a commercial for Disney, but that’s not my intention.  I wanted to review the idea of having someone help you plan your trip, and since this was my first time doing that, and since it was a totally great experience, I wanted to tell you about it.

If you’d like to contact Brett, you can do so at this email address: