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Lighter Fare

May 4, 2011 1 comment

Recently there has been some heavy stuff that I’ve had to encounter, and so, just in case you need a lighter story to bring some levity to your day (like I do) enjoy the following story which has absolutely no theological import or social commentary:

When I was in college I worked just about every summer at a Christian camp called Warm Beach Camp in Washington State.  Most summers I was a counselor for the campers, but one summer I was on the grounds crew.  We did all kinds of tasks to help keep the camp running: mowing, gardening, fixing fences, and painting.  This story is about painting.  Dan Snowden and I had the task of painting one of the “mountain cabins.”  Stan, our boss, gave us the paint and brushes and said, “Go for it.”

So we set into it.  We gave the first of four outdoor walls a good coat and could see that we weren’t going to have enough paint to finish the job.  The second wall was even larger than the first, so we went and found some paint thinner.  We, with all the knowledge that is imparted to a college kid, thought that if we just thinned out the paint it would be enough to finish the job.  Thinner goes in, volume of paint in the can goes up.

The second wall didn’t look so great when we were done, but passable.  The third wall found us adding even more thinner.  The wall looked…not so great.  We could see that the weather, which was always a little rainy in western Washington, was about to get really wet.  So, knowing that we were going to run out of time to get the job done, we added more thinner and really got to slopping it on.  And just as we were getting the fourth wall painted the clouds opened up and it started to pour.

Our sad little paint job was getting ruined.  The rain streaked the paint and the whole building looked really bad.  Stan would not be smiling.  Then, as Dan and I stood off to the side under a tree we heard a crack of thunder and heard a voice coming from heaven.  God spoke to us and said, “Repaint and Thin no more!”

So, there you have it.  One of my favorite jokes.  Yup, that’s the kind of thing I find funny.  Happy repainting.