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One Thing Matters

March 31, 2011 3 comments

The vet said that Jack (our dog) needs to lose a little weight, but I don’t care today.  Today he gets an extra treat – the good kind that makes him spin in circles.  My own doctor tells me I should eat a little more healthy and exercise (which I am doing), but not today.  Today I don’t care.  My lawn is starting to come alive outside, and there are a lot of things to get working on out there, but I don’t care today.

I’m sitting in my living room looking out my window.  Here’s what I see: Eddy, my neighbor, is raking, and mowing and getting his flower beds ready for the big spring push.  People walk their dogs – owner and pet getting exercise.  No doubt those owners had an apple for lunch and washed it down with water and a vitamin.  But not me.  Not today.  Those things don’t matter today.  Why?  Because only one thing matters today: It’s Opening Day in the Major Leagues!!!

Alex got out of school early for parent-teacher conferences.  I sent Dana.  When he got home I had everything ready: we played catch in the back yard, came in and had hot dogs, chips and a coke.  As I’m cleaning up my plate, Alex comes screaming through the kitchen on his way to the TV “The Line-Up, The Line-Up!!!”  They were showing who was starting the season.  He hollered the names of the players and where they were in the line-up.

Opening Day always starts Spring.  I don’t really care what the calendar says, nor do I care about the temperature…Opening Day is the first day of Spring, and it means a fresh start.  This could be the year the Tigers meet the Cubs in the World Series.  This is the year that the Cy Young award goes to Justin Verlander.  Every rookie who gets their first hit today is a possible rookie of the year, every pitcher who gets a win and 15 strikeouts is a shoe-in for the Cy Young award.  Every team has a chance, and it’s like Sunday.

Every Sunday is a little Easter where new life is available, resurrection in every hymn, a response to God’s word pushing us into a new possibility, a fresh, green future following the One who opens the door to the Kingdom of God…the place, the time where we enter and move our world in the direction of God’s reign in the hearts of God’s creation. 

Nothing else matters!  The first pitch created a pop and snap on the first Easter morning, and every first pitch reminds me that we just started over.  Every day, a new first-pitch in Christ.

Play Ball!!!


Disney Reveal Video

February 27, 2011 Leave a comment

Here’s a link to this morning’s Disney reveal.  It’s not dramatic, but fun nonetheless: Disney Reveal
Hope you all have a great week wherever you are, and may the sun shine on you, too.

I’ll try to post some fun pics and thoughts from our trip when we return.

Chiropractic Part 1

December 21, 2010 1 comment

Traction's Finest Machinery

Once a week I go and visit my friend, Dr. Kirk.  He’s my chiropractor.  The routine is pretty much the same every time: I come in and sign the registry, visit with Renee and Julie (the wonderful people who keep the place running smoothly), read Time magazine, then get called back to one of the rooms.  They ask me how I’m doing and replace the paper where faces go on the Lloyd Galaxy chiropractic table.  Then I lay down and the traction begins.  My torso stays put while my hips and legs lower with the hydrolics.  It stretches out my lower back so that when Dr. Kirk comes in I’ll be ready for manipulation.

During this traction time I get a chance to think.  I like to come in on Mondays or Tuesdays because that’s when my sermons are beginning to formulate.  I have time to think about them.  I’ve been thinking this week about the incarnation – the “fleshing” of God.  It made me start to ask questions like these:

Did Jesus have lower back problems?  He was a carpenter (could have been stone worker).  Did he have his buddies “crack” his back?  What about his arches?  Did he have fallen arches due to lack of sufficient arch support in his sandals?  He walked a lot, you know.  What about his left knee?  Was his kneecap ever out of place, making it painful to walk up and down hills?  Could he cut left or right to avoid an out of control donkey?  Did he ever get food poisoning?  Not from shellfish, obviously, but…something?  How about his teeth?  Ever problems with a molar?  Did Jesus Christ ever trip and fall and skin his knee and elbow?  Did the synagogue bully ever punch him and bust his nose as a kid?  What about the runs?  Sorry to be graphic, but did Jesus ever get sick?

“The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.”  Does Jesus Christ understand all the maladies of being human and understand my complaints and my body’s groaning for the culmination of time when all of me will find shalom?

I love Dr. Kirk, Julie and Renee.  I’ll bet Jesus could have used their help now and again.

Going Beyond Sandbar

December 2, 2010 Leave a comment

I love being surprised.  Well, I should say that I love being surprised by pleasant things. (As an aside: my birthday is December 23).

As most kids ages 5-7 my kids love to wrestle.  It’s a little tricky with a bad back.  One moment of frivolous wrestling can lead to 3 days flat on my back, but I try to play that way with them the best I can because they love it.  Usually we play games that allow me to be as completely lazy as possible.  Let me tell you about three games we’ve played:

When Alex was very little and just starting to walk and wanted to wrestle a bit we would play “Sandbar”.  That’s where Dad lays on the ground and does absolutely nothing.  He’s a sandbar.  The rules are pretty simple: Dad does nothing and Alex got to climb all over me.  Great hand-eye coordination for him, a little nap for me.

As Alex got older and Bis came along (who is much more forceful and attacking in her wrestling style) we moved to “Bear”.  That involves a little more action on dad’s part, but not a whole lot more.  It starts out a lot like Sandbar, but moves into the kids poking and prodding a sleeping bear…trying to wake it up from its slumber.  Just when they’ve either reached the boredom point or when their poking and prodding really does get to be painful, the bear wakes up and with a mighty roar swipes his paws at them and captures them and gobbles them up.  Pretty fun.  I get half a painful nap and they get the surprise of when the bear will wake up and how ferocious he’ll be.

Then there’s what you might call Horsey.  Well, you might call it that, but I think we’ve come up with a new name.  The kids get on my back like on a horse.  I try to get them off.  My back won’t allow me to buck or raise up too fast, but I can lean and tuck a shoulder and twist so that it’s impossible to stay on.  Kind of fun.  Limited work on my part and rough and tumble for them.

I think we’re going to change the name of that game, though because the other day Madalyn surprised me.  She’s good at that.  Here’s what she said as she sat on my back, “Giddyup, Moose!”  ? Whatever ?  Who knows what goes through that girl’s mind.  Now it’s “Moose.”

Try something new this month.  Give something a new name.  Better yet, surprise someone with your joy and a smile…it doesn’t have to be connected to something wrapped up under the tree.  HAPPY holidays!

Vacation Day

Here’s what I saw today: a clock that said 7:14, a bowl full of life cereal, an excited couple of kids, a wet swimsuit rolled up in a wet beach towel, a dryer, suntan lotion, a platic bag for lotion, van keys, printed out admission tickets, kids waiting for me in the van, a clock that said 9:38, gas pump, bank drive through, pen hidden in the glove box, US31 North, Grand Haven, Muskegon, Russel St. exit, a sign that says “Michigan’s Adventure”, a sign that says parking $8, an older lady taking my $8 from a little compartment, a traffic guy whose arm has GOT to be tired, a map of the park, “#40” written next to the keyhole of my $10 locker box,  little signs that say you must be “this” tall to ride, two cheeseburger baskets and a pop for $18, a half-full pop spilling across the table, dehydrated children, smiling children who look a lot like Dana, tattoos, suntan lotion, life jackets, Lazy River, a woman trying to get Bis and herself out of an inner tube while one leg was stuck up and one down through the hole of the tube, myself laughing and not offering to help, a green enclosed waterslide, other fathers carrying more than their fair share of inner tubes up 5 flights of stairs, a shivering boy with blue lips, blue lips smiling, inappropriate tattoos, $4 ice cream cone, extra spoons, towels, more rides, free water begrudgingly given by lady behind the counter of the $4 for a 22 oz. pop place, my kids making faces at the proper moment as the log ride made its descent past the exhorbitantly priced “buy your foto here” camera, wife and son laughing and smiling and yelling while riding the “Mad Mouse” roller coaster, myself grabbing my son to make sure he’s not falling out of  the “Mad Mouse” coaster, Huge eagle tattoo going from shoulder to shoulder of a pretty big dude, $5 refund of $10 locker box (park’s own fake money), 3 girls walking side-by-side texting in unison while not watching where they were going, 3 boys watching 3 girls texting, Bis “driving” a car around the track, $5 chocolate malt paid for with the $5 refund that can only be spent at the park, our van, a sleeping Bis, Holland, parking lot at Crazy Horse restaurant, vibrating blue light flashing “we’ll-let-you-know-when-it’s-your-turn” deal, tasty burger, my mailbox, messy garage, Jack the dog, clock that said 8:47, easy chair, daughter getting her hair brushed after a bath, two little hands in mine as we prayed before bed, two extremely tired children going down without a fight, Dana taking Jack for a walk, easy chair, Dana handing me a movie that needed to be returned, van, family video, my computer.

I hope your day was great, too.

Growing Into It

June 21, 2010 1 comment

If you’ve had the pleasure of meeting my daughter Madalyn, whom we lovingly call “Bis”; and if you’ve been privilege to see you dance or play around, then you may be aware that she is a gymnast.  Plato would call her the ‘form’ of gymnast.  You may have guessed already that I’m a big fan of the Bis, but I’m not alone.  After much insistance by a lot of folks we let Bis enroll in gymnastics.

O To Be Like Thee

Here’s what I like about taking the Bis to her time at the gym: watching her turn into what we call “preschool Bis” which is when she goes super quiet and overly obedient (where did this kid come from?).  I also like watching her do her thing, but the thing I like the best is watching her watch the older girls in the big room.  These tweens and teens are flipping and twisting and balancing and walking on their hands and generally defying gravity.  Bis watches in awe.  This is the pinnacle of everything wonderful for her.  If only…if only she could one day be like the big girls.

She asked me, “Daddy, did all those girls start in the class I’m taking?”  We talk about having to work toward it and practice and get better and better and graduate to more and more cool tricks and flips.  From staying on your “safety star” to wearing a leotard to handstands to cartwheels to roundoffs to arials to back handsprings to the uneven bars to the olympics in 2020.

I feel that way, too, sometimes.  I read stories about Christians who have gone on before, or listen to the depth of faith found in my elders.  And mostly I read the stories of Jesus Christ in the New Testament, and I think, “I want to be like that.  I want to fit into his clothes and walk in his shoes and talk and live and love the way he does”.  I try on his sandals and his robes, but they don’t completely fit yet.  I just keep walking the way he walked, failing, trying again – I think we call it discipleship.  It’s more than spiritual gymnastics and the prize is greater than gold.

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June 10, 2010 1 comment

I sit a lot.  Despite the fact that most of my life is docile, I get tired and have little physical energy.  So…I’m tired of it. (pun intended)  I want to be able to play with my kids.  I also want to be healthy.  At the age of 34, it seems a little melodramatic to say that I can feel like I’m aging way too fast.  But I think it’s fair to say that if I don’t start doing something…anything, that the fatball will start rolling faster and faster downhill and it will be more and more difficult to bring myself back to a healthy place.

I’ve got a buddy who is feeling the same way.  He’s just a young, pup, though.  He’s 32.  I stopped by his house today and we decided to make our move.  We don’t want to swim or ride bikes.  We certainly don’t want to run.  So…something that’s more like a game.  I can’t believe this, but we’re gonna play racquetball.

 Dana’s being pretty gentle.  I have a tendency to spend money on stuff and then not keep up with it for long periods of time.  But I don’t think she has any choice…I mean, I’m trying to be healthy.  She probably figures anything’s beter than nothing.  Plus, she bought this “30 Day Shred” video and did three days of it, so…I’m probably OK.

I’ve asked my friend to learn cpr and learn how to work out a cramp.  I think that should cover it.  I’ll have to run out and get a few balls and an oxygen tank.  I’ll update you on how I’m feeling.  For the record: today I weigh 206.  Yikes.