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Turning Coffee Into Water

I met some dudes in a band, maybe you’ve heard of them: Jars of Clay.  They told me about something called Blood:Water Mission (B:WM).  It’s a project to get both clean water to Africa as well as fight HIV/AIDS.  This sounds to me like EXACTLY the kind of thing Jesus was talking about his people being involved in.  So…I think I will do it.

Will you join me?

I wanted to get a little creative in my fundraising.  I drink coffee about every day.  Meanwhile, millions of people don’t even have clean water.  So, I’m giving up coffee for the month and have donated what I normally spend on coffee/lattes to B:WM.  I’m trying to raise $1,000 in a month.  I put in $50, my mom put in $50, too.  Therefore, as I write this, we are 10% there.

You don’t have to give up coffee.  But you can put some money toward helping someone have clean water.  Think of it…clean water – I freaking fill my toilet with the stuff.  I take way too long of showers with it.  I turn on my little tractor sprinkler at night and send it spraying all over my grass.  And these folks don’t have a drop.

Let’s do this, friends.  Can you think of one good reason why not?  Better not say because you’re lazy.  Better not say because you want to spend the $5-$50 on something like a Venti Triple Half Caff Mocha Frapp.  Click this link and help out some thirsty people.  If you are feeling shamed or guilted…Ok.  Just do the thing.  Thanks!

Click Here!

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