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Tax Me

This morning I voted.  There was only one thing on the ballot: should we continue to be taxed to keep funding the public school.  I know this is a gross simplification, but it’s how I read it.  I voted, and while one of the things I love about America is that I don’t have to tell anyone how I voted, I’m going to tell you.  “Tax Me!”  That’s how I voted.  Can I tell you why?  OK.  Here goes.

I went to the polling station directly from volunteering in my daughter’s 2nd grade classroom.  I go every Tuesday morning and listen to kids read and help them check out their “read-at-home” books.  I know all their names, and they know me.  It pays in hugs and smiles and the big dividend of getting to see the progress of each child throughout the year.  I had them on my mind as I entered the ballot box.  I voted for them…but not just for them.

There are a lot of options for education in my city: multiple private schools and a variety of publicly funded schools.  I respect each family’s decision regarding where they send their children and why.  I have no problem with people choosing something differently than I do – they have their reasons, and their reasons are good ones.  But we send our kids to the public school for a few reasons: It’s our neighborhood school, there is great variety in diversity available there, and mostly because I think they need me and my kids.

I know that not everybody has the opportunity to make choices about where to send their kids to school.  I also know that not everybody cares a whole lot where their kids go.  Sadly, there are kids whose parents are not involved in their education at all.  And then there is this: a few years ago statistics showed that my very school district had 10% of its students who were classified as homeless.

One out of 10 students in my kids’ school don’t have a steady place to lay their head at night…let alone do homework.  So, on Tuesdays they have a regular face who knows their name and listens to them read, encourages them, asks about their week, and sends them on their day with a smile.  It’s no small thing.

To my point.  I vote to be taxed, and I send my kids to the public school, and I volunteer because these children (all of  them) are the future of my town, and if I want a great town I have to engage in it.  I could hide, I suppose.  I could look out for me and mine, I suppose.  But that will end up being taxing in different ways.

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  1. Keepers, Tammy
    May 6, 2014 at 12:01 pm

    Amen, bro!!!!

    🙂 Tam

  2. Ryan
    May 13, 2014 at 12:46 am

    Thanks for supporting public education in your community! As a public school principal, I am so grateful for your support and for sharing your WHY for doing so.

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