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An Easter Poem 2014

I found this terrific new band (married couple…don’t know if you call that a band or what) called The Gray Havens. They have a song out just in time for Easter called “Stone.” #1 You should check them out; their lyrics are crazy good. #2 You should listen to this song in particular. #3 This poem got its start by listening to that song about 1 bajillion times. I hope you like my Easter Poem 2014. It’s titled “Secret.”


The stone held the dead within itself
All was motionless, quiet – a broken person within
The stone heard the first breath of life
Out of silence, the intake
The stone felt the brush of unraveled grave clothes land upon its insides
In darkness began to feel something of life stirring
The stone animated, shook, moved
When commanded to life obeying the Animator
The stone blinked open in the brightness of glory
Light burning a picture of resurrection on its edges
The stone heard the woman’s cry, “There’s none inside the grave!”
And knew a secret
The stone felt the warmth of the angel’s presence
Was strengthened and glowed within
The stone heard the Breather speak a name and become recognized
And the curse it cradled was broken
The stone turned to flesh
Mouth agape declaring the glory of its secret

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