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The Church’s Boring SitCom

I like to watch TV. I probably like to watch too much TV, and so, while I’m not an expert, I’m just fat and lazy enough to have some credibility when it comes to explaining a few things about what comes across the screen.

I also like to be a part of the church. I probably go to church too often, and so, while I’m not an expert, I do have a clerical robe and wear it rarely enough to have some credibility when it comes to explaining a few things about the church.

And so, I am in just the right position to be the guy who thinks about what it would be like to have a sitcom about the church. There have been a few: Amen and Good News are more well-known. “Rev” is a good one on hulu. Anyway. For the most part, sitcoms in general revolve around some simple lie or mistake made by one character, and then the subsequent cover-up of said lie or mistake. Further there is commonly some misunderstanding that gets blown out of proportion. Of course, there are frequently characters with some deluded vision of grandeur – these are the people we all laugh at, and somehow root for.

I got to thinking about how good or bad a sitcom would be if it were about the church. Not how the church actually is because, there are enough broken people in the church (myself included) who would give fodder for millions of hours of comedy situations. No, I was wondering about a sitcom about the church – the way it should be…or the way it would be at its best.

It wouldn’t work. It would be super boring, and here’s why:

“Oh no, I seem to have lost my wedding ring. Instead of coming up with some elaborate scheme to keep that information from my spouse, I’m going to just have a civil conversation with him/her about it.”

“I saw my boyfriend in a compromising situation. I think I’ll ask him about it. Perhaps there is a reasonable explanation for the whole thing.”

“Dwight, we’ve worked with each other for ten years here at the paper company, and while you and I have our disagreements, I want you to know I apologize for some of the pranks I pulled on you, and how I made you look silly at times. It was cruel of me, and I am going to try to change my ways.”

See? Boring. If the church is on the road toward discipleship, if each individual makes a mistake and then repents, if people are willing to talk out sticky situations…church sitcoms could be boring. I wouldn’t watch them.

That doesn’t mean we aren’t funny. Humor can be righteous. Some of the funniest people I know are followers of Christ. I have a feeling the Trinity could sell out a comedy club for eternity (who’s to say that’s not the case?). We can be funny, we would just make for a boring sitcom because the “sit” part would be resolved far too quickly and without subterfuge.

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  1. May 3, 2014 at 6:51 pm

    Jim, You’re in luck. Color Studios has finishes casting and is in per-production for a new TV sitcom, called, you guessed it “The Church”
    Here is a link to their website, and lets HOP & PRAY it turns out a winner.. I have friends depending on it..


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