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A Poem: When Easter and The First Pitch of Baseball Coincide

Long and lean He lingers

Behind the mound

With the chalk, white

And powdering the dirt

In stark contrast


Looking right, left

Lingering more and making up

His mind to turn rubberward

But first a final gaze

Always a gaze upward


To the children in cheapest seats

The first heft is always for them

They are leaning forward

Almost falling, waiting

To spring upward


And Then

With confidence, knowing

There is only one of these

Carrying such power to bring

With it the summer


Toe digging clay

Removing enough

But stopping in time

And stopping time

As he digs in


Palm all the while grinding

Rubbing dirt and oil and sweat

Each ball the same, save this one

Prayed over, sought after

Now rubbed and prepared


For the breath

For the rush

For the spin and turn

For the pop

For the leap and cheer


But not yet

Rubber bound now

One foot forward

He bends and leans in

To shake off a sign, no…two


Then the stand

And the world is both

Eliminated as well as

Shrunk to 216 stitches

The whole world


Is then wound

And spun – a seed

Pushed, gathering breath

Until, through the sun

It sinks with a pop of leather


All ages of children emit popcorn

Exuberant leap

Of summer begun

And this one game to enjoy

Before eagerly anticipating October

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