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Spirited Wind

It’s supposed to rain tonight or tomorrow.  This creates a dillema for me.  I hate to rake wet leaves, but not all the leaves are off the trees yet.  I know I’ve got to get out there and move the first blanket of leaves before the rain comes or I’ll be in really sad shape when it’s time to move the rest that will fall.  Better to hit it twice than once when it’s more than I can handle.  There’s the first problem.

The second is that it is windy.  That means two things: leaves are still falling even as I clear a patch of green, and…I have to deal with raking leaves into the wind.  I hate both of those things.

But – gotta get it done.  The goal is to get the leaves to the street where the city will pick them up.  The curb keeps them from coming back too far onto the lawn, so that’s nice.  I start at the back of my lawn and move the leaves in a row toward the street.  Quickly my plan must change because the mound of leaves I am creating (which is looking like a growing wave of yellow and brown – rolling toward Heather Drive) is becoming larger than my rake can move easily.

Now, this is where I would typically bring out the tarp and rake them onto the tarp in piles, drag them to the street and dump them.  Problem with that: windy, and no kids to stand on the corners of the tarp (it’s schooltime).  So I come up with a brilliant plan.  Ready?  Here it goes.

I will loft my leaves into the wind (which is heading away from the house and toward the street).  Not bad, eh?  This plan is working with wild success until the wind, which must have eyes, sees my progress and decides that the cul-de-sac should suddenly become a whirlwind vortex of unexpected directions.  And mid-loft (which I am vigorous at, by the way) the wind switches direction and intensifies so that me and my patch of green are blanketed.

I stop, sweat, and laugh.  Sometimes my best plans seem to work with the Spirit and then I’m surprised and reminded that the Spirit does what the Spirit does, and I need to stop, sweat, and laugh.

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