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Chocolate Covered Bacon

I have never had a great desire to be rich.  I’m an American, so I struggle with wanting more than I need, but I’ve never thought to myself, “Self, you’ve got to get rich and have tons of money.”  That was true of me until this very morning when I first had that thought as an adult, “Self, you need to get rich.”  Let me tell you, briefly, why I had that thought.

This morning a friend of mine told me about an enormous work party he went to for his girlfriend’s investment firm.  At this party one of the many desserts available was CHOCOLATE COVERED BACON.  It was at this moment when I decided I wanted to get rich.  I’ve had an hour or so to think better of it, and now I don’t want to get rich anymore, but for a minute, the idea of bacon and chocolate drew me to the edge of glutonous greed.

Thought I would confess my moment of weakness with the world.  I repent.  But, come one…if you’re going to be tempted, isn’t that about the best thing ever?

Good luck with your temptation…and subsequent refusal thereof.

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