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Super High Five

It is said that a professional football game can be described in this manner: 22 men exercising and desperately needing to sit down – being watched by 45 thousand men sitting down and desperately needing some exercise.

I can agree with that, especially after watching the Pittsburgh Steelers try and get some oxygen in the high altitude of Denver on Sunday night.  I watched.  I sat on the couch for the first half, and then got into bed and watched from a more comfortable reclined position.  Yah, I am one of the 45 thousand.

AND…I HAVE BEEN INSPIRED!!!  Not by the men on the field.  They get paid an inordinate amount of money for their exercise.  I have been inspired to move a little more by an upstart web show called Super High Five.  It is “the most popular sports-themed web series shot in a garage.”  It’s put together by a friend of mine and some friends of his.  And they have a great mission: SH5 models and encourages fun, physical play for kids and their families through humor, music, photos, play examples and big time athletes. The end goal is to help kids. The content serves as inspiration. The sales generate money for a) more content and b) charity (specifically, the Detroit Lions Foundation).

Their first episode went online today and stars the Detroit Lions’ Quarterback Matthew Stafford.  I expected to see a little Stafford and think, “That’s cool…that’s Matthew Stafford, and my friend knows him.”  But I got inspired to move a little bit.  The high energy show and the upbeat, quirky humor made me laugh, but in the middle of the show there was a great idea about playing with my kids outside.  So…I’m going to try it.

While it may seem a bit backward to have a video encouraging kids to get their nose out of a screen and go do something active, they do a great job without being preachy.  In fact their website says, “We’ve got videos. We’ve got music. We’ve got posters. Take a look at them, and then go outside and play.”

And so I will.  Thanks Super High Five for some inspiration.  Keep the videos coming.  I’m looking forward to some great ideas for fun…and seeing what other sports celebrities my friend knows.

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