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Surprise…you get a kid!

I’m reading through 1 Samuel with a couple of friends.  They take their time and I read it quickly.  Therefore, I get to read the story a few more times than they are.  One of the benefits of this for me is that I get to have new things punch me in the gut from time to time.  And sometimes something new is funny to me.  Today…something funny (at least to me).

Hannah goes up to the temple to pray for a child.  She prays from her heart, but her lips are moving.  Eli, the priest, thinks she’s drunk and rebukes her.  She says, no I’m pouring out my heart to the Lord (play on words here is kind of fun because you “pour” out drink libations at the altar sometimes).  Eli, without apologizing…turd…says, may God hear you and give you what you ask for.  And God does.  Hannah goes home and has a child.

Important to the funny is that Eli doesn’t know what Hannah was praying for.

She returns when her son, Samuel, is weaned…I don’t know how long that is: 2 years?  4 years?  Don’t know, but I do know the kid is young, right?  Right.  Anyway, she returns and walks up to Eli and says, remember me?  I was praying…you thought I was drunk, you blessed me…Yah?  No?  Well, anyway, I was praying for this child, and God gave him to me.  Here he is…yours.

I think that’s funny.  I can see how it wouldn’t be funny for Hannah – very serious…fulfilling a vow and everything, but for Eli.  I’m laughing because I am picturing people who have been away from the church for a long time coming back and saying, God showed up and blessed me with this child…now I give him to you.  Bizaar.

Lesson of the day, if someone is in the church building and they look drunk, but they could also be just praying…don’t engage them.  They might drop off a kid in a couple of years.


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  1. Joanie
    August 9, 2012 at 10:27 am

    I think it’s funny, too.

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