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No Tech Tuesday

When I’m writing this it’s a Wednesday in the summer of 2012.  That means that we have just completed “No Tech Tuesday.”  This summer we are conducting an experiment wherein nobody is allowed to use a screen at our house (unless it’s sunscreen, screening a call, or opening a window which has a screen on it).

When we announced this brilliant idea, our children proclaimed the summer already ruined.  But a funny thing happened when the first and now the second Tuesday came and went: everyone lived.  Actually a lot of reading happened and a lot of outdoor play and a fair amount of chores got done.  Not bad.

Now, I don’t want to give you the impression that it was cake.  I hate it.  It means I don’t get to watch the news.  It also means that there is no wasting time on the internet looking at the latest in all the enthralling installments of everyone’s life on Facebook.  Nope.  None of that, but…there was some of this:


I expected some of this to come along, but I was astounded at the amount of it.  Actually, I was almost disconcerted by it…too much of it to handle.  But I’m getting over it.  Especially when I got to listen for quite a while to a cardinal in our back yard and could pay attention to the breeze in my trees and heard myself think about a few things without interruption by something inane and passing that calls out for my attention.  Oh, and my kids got a lot more of my attention, too.  They put on a concert by their “once in a while” band called the Wild Pigz.  Pretty good concert.

So, I put it on the table for your consideration: No Tech Tuesday.  Or whatever might get you to notice the rest of the world.  Worked for me.  Now…I’m going to go watch the news.

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