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Playing Catch-Up Pt. 3: New Digs Edition

I’m going to show you two happy pictures and tell you a sad story in the middle.  Here’s the first picture: it’s of the empty space left after we took out the pews in our NEW BUILDING – where Embody Christ Fellowship now meets.

Here’s the sad story.  We had to move from our last location (by that I mean the building where our church meets) due to increasing rent and an inability to pay for that rent (which was becoming unreasonable).  I can’t say too much about the whole affair because I think I’m harboring a little anger and I’m afraid I may speak out of the flesh instead of the Spirit, so I’ll jump to the sad part.

I believe that our previous landlords handcuffed God a bit.  I think he could have, would have, wanted to, was looking for opportunity to bless them in deep and rich ways if they would have…I don’t know what…let’s say “gone about things differently.”

I believe there is a Biblical principle at work here.  We are put into, or step into places where our character is challenged – just as a result of living our lives.  I think God watches to see how we’ll deal with the situation – how we lean upon God or not – how we respond to the situation with the fruit of the Spirit or not.  Not sure if we can call this a test or not…maybe.  Either way I think God hands out a response.

Let me say something and then think about whether or not I believe it to be true.  God is waiting to dispense rich blessings upon those who pass these little tests.  Giving more responsibility to those who can be trusted with a little and a little more.  Let me think…  Yah.  I think that’s true, and I’ve found it to be true in my life.

Now: it is judgmental of me to say that I think God will not pour out God’s richest blessings upon those I feel have done me wrong.  I’m guilty of that judgment right now (thought we should all just be aware of my fault).  The sad part of this story is that these folks have missed out on something great from their creator by doing (or not doing) what they do (or don’t do).  Maybe I’m less angry and more sad.  That’s a much better place to be, I think.

The happy part is that we landed in a great GREAT GREAT place for us.  Thanks be to God for providing.

Here’s a picture of what the pews looked like once they were pulled outside and ready for transport to a company that buys old pews.

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