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Playing Catch-Up Pt. 2

I love baseball.  I love almost everything about it.  I think it’s the perfect game.  So…I’m ecstatic that my son likes it.  In fact, my son likes it waaaay more than I do, and is, in fact, far better a player than I ever was.  Which is nice, really.

Part of being a church planter is being able to coach your son’s team and call it work.  So, I do.  We were very fortunate to get Coach Hescott as a coach.  He played all through high school and college and just about beyond…but not quite.  He’s good.  And he knows his stuff.  He can do three things that I can’t: see the mechanics of the kids’ movements, know what’s right and wrong about it, explain it to the kids in a way that makes sense and a difference in their motion.  He gets the best out of them.

And my son is pretty dog gone good, so I really like watching him play.  But, my very favorite moment from the season did not involve Alex.  It involved Robert and Adam.

Robert is a little immature for his age.  He doesn’t handle his emotions the way you might expect him to.  He can be very sweet, but you have to keep your eye on him.  Adam is very mature for his age and is a kind and charitable young man.  Both kids are going to be in 4th grade, but the difference is pretty vast.

Adam gets a lot of play with his brother and dad at home.  You can tell that someone works with him.  He’s very good.  Robert…not so much.  So, I guess I wasn’t too surprised to turn around and find that Robert had accidentally missed a pretty easy throw and Adam had been the recipient of an errant ball to the head.  Adam might be pretty mature, but man…a ball to the head is never fun.  And Adam was crying.

I did a check of his eyes to see if there was a concussion (not sure if that’s what you’re supposed to do, but it looked good, and I see it on TV).  I could tell he was fine, so I had him run some diagnostic checks.  He had to put his finger to his nose then to his upper lip then stand on one leg and finally jump up and down while pronouncing his name backwards.  After we were all done laughing and Adam had wiped away all his tears, I noticed that Robert was missing.

He was along the fence sucking his thumb and crying because he had caused such a ruckus.  I put my arm around Adam and pointed to Robert.  “You want to go let him know everything’s OK?  He might need to hear it from you.”

Here’s a picture of my favorite moment of the 2012 9 and under league baseball season.  Hope you can forgive and be forgiven like this.

They are the two next to the fence…Adam is comforting Robert.

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  1. Duane Beeson
    June 20, 2012 at 11:06 am

    Beautiful story, Jim!

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