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Breaking Up The Pity Party

It’s Sunday morning and my bride and children have left for church.  I’m lying on my couch.  It’s the last place I want to be on Sunday morning.  By now I’m usually doing last minute prep for the sermon or meeting some newcomer or fixing the powerpoint to better reflect what will likely happen during worship or some other last second thing that I think I’m the only one able to get it done.  Which I am not.

But this Sunday I am horizontal on my couch.  There is nothing to do.  There is nothing to offer anyone else.  And while I am in my robe, it’s the wrong one…neither is really appreciated at Embody.  I am feeling useless.  I am feeling unable to propel anything forward.  I am on the couch.

It’s Palm Sunday.  I just got done reading what, I’m sure my good friend Janelle will be preaching on today.  Janelle is filling in for me.  She’ll be responsible for gently walking people into the story of Jesus entering Jerusalem to the laud of all the city.  Not me, I’m on the couch and having a pity party.  Janelle will talk about people putting their coats on the road – their nicest clothing, the things that are important to them – laying it before the King.  Not me…I’m under the afgan my mom made for Dana.

Paul Rice will play the guitar and lead in song.  Lindsey will teach toddlers about how Jesus loves them.  Mark will run the sound board.  Julie will be sure to pray for my healing.  Mary will get coffee going and cookies out for the kids.  David will greet any newcomer. Daniel will teach about some lenten spiritual practice.  I will attempt a nap.  And I feel useless.

I read in Mark 11 this morning about the people shouting “Hosanna!”  And I feel convicted this morning.  “Hosanna” means “save!”  Can I really join in the throng this morning?  Could I shake my palm branch?  Could I toss my bathrobe before the donkey?  Do I belong?  Maybe not this morning.  As I have my little pity party for poor old Jim who can’t be at church to make it go.  I am reminded of the hope and trust people had so long ago to shout “Hosanna” to the King of Kings. 

I must confess I am far from that this morning and I repent.  I want to shout “Save Us!” to the one who actually can.  I want to remind myself that this is not my church, but it is His, the One who saves, the One who rode into town knowing His fate, the One who at this moment – while I sit and type about myself – is saving me, is drawing all people unto Himself.  I repent of my self-righteousness.  This church doesn’t need me.  It needs Jesus.

So, on my couch this morning I join the crowd and lay before the King that which is important to me – myself.  I recognize that it must belong to the One.  It needs to be left at the roadside to honor the King and the coming Kingdom of God where Mercy, and Justice, and Grace, Faith, Hope, and Love are all lifted up.


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  1. Joanie
    April 1, 2012 at 11:25 am

    Hosanna, indeed! Love, Mom

  2. Deyanne Koster
    April 4, 2012 at 2:14 pm

    I had forgotten that Hosanna does mean save but most of all I love that we can reach out – Sunday at Cedarhome – we were singing a song with the words of Hosanna in the chorus – My friend Jackie Rusk was in a wheelchair next to me and all I could do was pick up her hand and raise my other hand and sing – Hosanna on her behalf – Jackie was diagnosed a week ago with an agressive brain cancer and has limited time – Her face as I grabbed her hand was she knew Jesus has saved her – and wanted to honor him with all her gusto she could with help- Jesus had help getting prepared for the ride thru Jerusalem – what more can I do to help Jackie to prepare for her homegoing – Hosanna – He is the God that saves us – He is worthy of all our praises – Hosanna – I will continue to lift her up – my troubles are few compared to what her family is dealing with and yet – there is a sweet joy – with tears of wonderment – our time is precious and we recognize it – It should be the same with our relationship with Jesus – Thanks – James – for letting me vent – I love Jesus more than anything and yet our pity parties tend to take over – Thanks to Jesus He shines through every time – .
    Deyanne Koster

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