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The Big Ask

My son and I were in seperate places tonight doing the same thing: making the big ask.  For him it’s about baseball season and having all the gear he wants.  For me it was taking one more step in our church’s journey towards purchasing a building.  For him it was research and a narrative essay giving his reasons for why he wanted what he wanted, and a detailed expense list accompanied by how much he anticipated paying out of his own pocket.  For me it was pretty much the same thing.

Just because I think it’s precious I am going to reprint exactly what he wrote in his proposal.  Here you have it:

“Well, as you know baseball season is coming up.  And I like to play it.  And on Monday me and dad went to look at sports stuff.  We found some catchers gear.  And since coach Hescott said that I could play catcher I think that I should get some catchers gear and a catchers mitt that could last me 2-4 seasons.  And I already know what catchers gear I want and what catchers glove I want.  And also Dad says I need a cup so maybe I could buy that myself?  And I also want new cleats because mine are so uncomfortable and mine have dog crap all over them.  And whenever I run they fall off.  And one more thing I want is batting gloves and I know which ones I want and my other ones are too small.”

He goes on to give exact pricing and shows his math as he adds it all up.  He then proposes: “$214 is what I want you to pay.  I will pay for batting gloves and a cup.”  That’s about 8.5 percent of the total cost.

I know what it’s like to ask for money.  I know what it’s like to have a desire burning deep within you.  My prayer for him is that in time that desire will turn more and more outward.  I think it’s safe to say I want him to keep asking well, like he did tonight.

I’ll post a picture of him in his new gear.

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