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Toe Length

The whole family is sitting on the couch together tonight, relaxed and having fun when along came a comment that sent the whole evening into disarray.  It came from the most unlikely of sources and dealt with the most benign of topics, but swept our evening to a quick end.

The most unlikely source of childhood/parent conflict in our home is Dana.  She tends to be the one with the cooler head and the calming voice in the midst of turmoil.  Tonight, however, she inadvertantly started something.  Here’s what she said: “Wow, Bis, you have some long toes!”

It’s true.  Cutest little feet you ever did see, and some long toes…well…long for the tiny little feet she has.  Here’s the next thing that was said, and in a defensive voice: “My toes are long, too.  Longer than Bis’s!”

I have a competative son.  And it sparked a toe competition that was clearly won by the Bis, but he would not relent, and I’m sure if you asked him tomorrow or the next year or in ten years he would still proclaim victory in the not-so-hotly-contested toe competition.  Nobody cared, and nobody cares who has the longest toes…except Alex, of course.  And he seems to care more than anyone ought to.

But he’s this way with everything.  Someone has the attention, and he’s upset that it’s not directed at him.  In fact, we were at a birthday party for a 1 year old last week, and he confided in his mother, “This party’s ok, but it’s hard when it’s not for me.”  A 1 year old – someone who would gladly trade attention for another fistfull of chocolate icing.

Two things become abundantly clear to me: 1. My son is competative beyond what I could fathom.  2. Competition is not inherently a bad thing when used to a good end.  3. I need to pray that God will teach me how to gently direct that passion.


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  1. Joanie
    February 26, 2012 at 9:38 am

    Tell Bis that Grandma has “fishin’ pole toes.” Not what I want on my tombstone, but kind of fun, too.

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