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Fistfight in the Church Parking Lot

It’s complicated.  And really it’s none of your business, so I’ll keep it simple.  You may be surprised to hear this, but there are people who attend church (even on a regular basis – not just Christmas/Easter attenders) whose relationships are complicated.  What?  Not surprised?  Yah, that makes sense.  You’re one of them…like me.

Boiled down story: The church building is the hand-off point for custody exchange.  And mom has another family member do the handing off.  Things get heated, and the church parking lot is almost…almost a boxing ring.  I say almost because cooler heads prevailed.

I remember this story.  Same one I lived as a kid.  We had a surrogate to hand off my younger brother to his dad for visitation.  A big guy surrogate.  The biggest guy we knew – not intimidating to those who know him, of course, but formidable to behold.  It was complicated.

Did you know that “incarnation” comes from the Latin that means meat?  So we picked the guy with the most “incarnation” we could find to be present for the hand-off.

Incarnation.  Fleshed out.  Jesus.  God made flesh.  Bursting forth in the normal, fleshy way in a meatmarket of a stable.  Standing in a parking lot in the messiest of our moments.

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  1. Joanie
    December 14, 2011 at 12:55 pm

    Yes, I’m grateful for that “surrogate” even to this day.

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