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A Poem For Anna

Yesterday morning I felt the prompting to mention to my friend that God may have something to say to her that day.  I spoke that in the morning.  Then she left work and committed a felony.  When she returned to work, and I asked if God had said anything yet. She said, “I don’t think so.”  Shortly after that a police officer came and arrested her.  The hearing of that end and the recognition that God had obviously been using me to give her a chance to check herself causes me great grief and a heaviness.  This poem comes from that feeling.

 Seasonal Depression

This stole is heavy, invisible

I bear your burden

I cannot hang it on the rack

As I step across my threshold


I remember you

And sigh between conversations

That have nothing to do with you

Your story draws at me


And I don’t remember you every moment

But your burden hangs about my shoulders

And the color of the season is always purple

I always seem to be waiting for you


To give me a lift – not forthcoming

To show some sign of strength

To change the color

From purple to white


How long, O Lord?

Surely your reign extends

Into this shadow

Where your child sits


A purple cell waiting

For the other colors

Green filtered through red

Into the white

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