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Where’s the Damn Vanilla?

She used to work at the Way Cup Cafe, where I make an office half the time.  She’s off doing something else now, but we used to spend time in an empty cafe together: me working on sermons and her cleaning and making ready for the influx of customers that she hoped would come.  And in those lulls we would talk.  Eventually she came to worship with us one Sunday…two Sundays…then…nothing.  I was ok with that because I know God’s at work and it takes time.

Well, she moved to the North side of town and got a different job.  I didn’t see her very often.  Today, however, she stopped in for a cup of coffee while I was working on last minute Saturday sermon prep.  We had a short chat, and she was behind the counter making herself a drink.  (She had donated a foosball table to the church) and I was telling her we had cut the legs on it to fit the 6 year olds who loved to play it.  She was glad to hear it was getting used, and then this exchange:

“You know, we really ought to come out and worship with you again.”

“Sure, that’d be great.”

“It’s been a long while since we’ve done church, and -” (now remember she was making herself a fancy coffee drink) “Where’s the damn Vanilla?”

“I’m not sure, I can help you – ”

“Oh, here it is.  Under F for French Vanilla not V for Vanilla.  I was saying it’s been a while since we’ve done church.”

“We’d love to have you again.”

The conversation went on from there, and she eventually headed wherever her car was taking her that morning.  I just thought it was funny and sad that she interupted her one spiritual thought of the day to swear at the missing vanilla.  She won’t show up this week, or next.  But I have faith that God is at work in her life.  The connection we have had over the many “down” moments in the coffee shop have served a purpose in her life and in mine.

I get a lot of people telling me they will “have to come out and worship with us.”  87% of them don’t and have no intention of doing so.  I’ve gotten over it and am used to it.  I take the opportunity to be engaging and hospitable to them.  Who knows what God is up to?

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