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The Dangerous Moment of Being Snarky to Santa.

I am feeling some stress.  I know you never do, but seeing as it’s November I thought it was about time to do so.  So, I have undergone my body’s stress ritual.  It’s a competition of sorts.  My back thinks it’s time to exert it’s power over the rest of my body and prove its dominance by flexing its muscles and seizing up at random moments.  My throat and sinuses, not to be outdone, decide they can’t let my lower back have an uncontested go at the throne of power in my body.  So they conspire to fog my brain and cause coughing fits that put me out of commission.

But I have thwarted them all by doing the one thing that makes them all irrelevant.  I have bought a book and have placed myself on the couch and proclaimed them victor.  By conceding I have taken all the wind out of their sails and the pride and glory of most powerful in my body goes to…my eyelids.  They win.

I took the day off yesterday and had a little snooze between chapters.  And I did the things that help me relax: ate a little chocolate, read, napped, petted my dog, Jack, and – though I think it didn’t help my throat or back – went to my mandolin lesson.  It’s one of the only things that is just for me.  Do you have one of those things?  One of those things that benefits only you?

I sit in a small room with an older gentleman, his banjo, guitar, mandolin, and two music stands.  He looks like a cross between Santa Claus and … well, he pretty much just looks like Santa.  I like him, and he makes me pay for a half hour, but gives me 45 minutes to an hour.  He’s patient, knows what he’s talking about, and is kind of funny.  He even endured a moment of brain lapse from me.  I said something snarky to him.

“Oh.  That was snarky,” I said.  “I’m sorry.  I didn’t want to be snarky.  You get me with a cold and snarky.  Forgive me?”

He just laughed.  This guy knows a lot of pastors, and I’m hoping none of them get snarky with him, but I did.  And he just laughed.  He was surprised, but forgave me.  It was exactly what I needed.  Forgiveness, music, and something just for me.  I guess my eyelids didn’t win.  When he let me stay on the good list and didn’t put me on the naughty list it made my day and helped me feel a little better.   Santa won the day!

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