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Hidden Poem

I love hidden poems.  I found one today, and it totally made my day – well, it’s still early, so hopefully something even better comes along – which would be great.  In one of my “offices” a place called The Way Cup Cafe, I keep a notebook and pen on the bookshelf where I keep snippets of sermons and thoughts jotted down.  This morning I had a thought for this week’s sermon and wanted to capture it before it ran away, so I turned to my notebook and found this written:

Springy – like the season

like the crisp white blouse you wore

like my heart that-then-beat for you




Thanks, DJM.


It reminded me of a favorite website I like to go to on Monday mornings.  It’s not appropriate for children – so warning those who are either children or are easily made aghast by language or adult content.  It has prevented thousands of suicides by allowing people to reveal secrets anonymously to the masses.  I hope it makes you day brighter or easier.  If you are easily offended, don’t go to it, but if you are looking for some raw honesty that gives you permission to be yourself…by all means go to www.postsecret.com

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