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Staff Infection

A seminary student seeing me at the coffee shop: You working on a sermon?

Me: No.  Prepping for a small group study.  We’re going through this book.

Sem Student: Oh, by Brian Keepers.

Me: Yah, he’s preaching for me while I’m gone the third week of the series.

Sem Student: Where you heading?

Me: I’m taking a group of guys up north for a men’s retreat.

Sem Student: When you get a week off from preaching aren’t you supposed to go somewhere and have time off?

Me: You sound like your internship is in a church with a large staff. (I happen to know this to be true.)

Sem Student with a moment of revelation that he may not end up in a large church with infinite resources of people and money: Yah.  I can see how that must be different.

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