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In the run up to going to our first sunday with 2 services, there were a ton of details to attend to.  As I stated earlier, I put together a team that would help “make it happen”.  They did.  A big old spreadsheet of volunteers was formulated and looks like it will keep us running like a top for some time.  People stepped up to fill in the needed volunteer positions, and our new Embody Kids (think Sunday School) program started without a hitch.

The worship was prepared and went smoothly.  Preaching a sermon twice was kind of fun…seeing how the two were different and the same.  There was cake (thank you mother church), and even some people to cut and serve it.

All along I bathed this big Sunday in prayer, but it didn’t stop my stress from going through the roof.  My heard and mind knew that God had everything under control, but the muscles in my neck and shoulders didn’t get the memo, and so they produced in me a 4 day headache – not optimal conditions for undertaking such a big endeavor.

On Wednesday I called the printing company to confirm that our mailer announcing our new service times was in the mail on its way to my mailbox.  They confirmed.  I went to the mail box.  It wasn’t there.  Thursday…not there.  Friday…my headache increased as I saw that I only had a coupon from some store in the mall.  Saturday…I put on extra sunglasses to go out into the light and walk the driveway down to my mailbox.  Nope.  Nothing.

All the work and expectation and preparation we had undertaken for the last 8 weeks would not come to the fruition I had planned because our neighbors wouldn’t know about the new times…just our regulars (who were less regular in the summer…probably like your church).

Sunday morning went hitchless.  We had about 30 in the first service then cake…tasty cake (marbled chocolate and vanilla).  We had about 40 or so in the second service.  So…total we had a normal Sunday, just not in the same room at the same time.  There were 3 visitors – they said they may come back.

I pulled out of the parking lot after turning off all the lights and locking all the doors.  My prayer went something liket his: God, I know I prayed that the mailer would land on hearts to move people, but I was planning on the timing being mine, not yours.  What’s your deal, anyway?

Here’s how I have to see it: either God’s timing was prepping the mailer to land on the hearts of people for a different day or maybe we needed a week to work out kinks or … I don’t know.  I’m not discouraged, but I am curious.  It seems like one of those times when you do your job and it looks like God didn’t do God’s job.  I can hear him laughing.  “Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth?”  Got it.  I’ll just keep doing the work You’ve laid out for me to do, and be amazed at how You do Yours.

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