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I’m coaching my son’s soccer team.  i’m not super-comfortable being the head coach, but there were no other people available to do the job, so…Coach Jim.

The kids are 3rd and 4th graders.  There are a few 4th graders who are too cool for anything I might have to say.  I love them, but they’re not my favorite players, as you can imagine.

After our second practice I asked my usual practice-ending questions, “so what did you learn today?”  The cool kid said, “I didn’t learn anything.  I already knew it all.”  “Ok…well, what’s one thing any of you can work on from now until next practice?”  There were various answers as before, and I was encouraged, but then Mr. Too Cool says, “I’ve got it all down perfectly.  I do it all perfect.”

Now, I’m a pretty patient guy, but this kid is on the edge of getting the opportunity to do some extra cardio training.  Then, from one of the 3rd graders (one of the less physically able 3rd graders) comes the perfect line, “Well, then, that should come in real handy during the game, shouldn’t it?”

There was a moment of silence as the team soaked that in.  In my head I decided that even though my own son is on the team, this is my new favorite player.

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