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Music Man

Our summer intern was deciding what to do about his next year’s internship (during the school year).  He wasn’t sure if he was going to continue on at Embody or move on to gather more experiences in the church.  While he deliberated I prayed.  The prayer sounded something like this: “Give us this day our daily bread…and by that, God, I mean I know you provide for us exactly what we need when we need it…daily.  I am not expecting Michael W. Smith to move to Holland and want to volunteer at Embody (is he still on the music scene?  I’m getting old), but we have a lot on our plate for the fall and if you would be so kind as to provide me with some daily bread that I don’t have to stress over that would be really helpful.  Oh, and if you don’t mind, you could just leave Steven (our summer intern) in place.  We’ve got a good thing going.  As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end.  Amen”

Steven said, “I think I’m going to be ending my time at Embody on August 7.”

I said, “Crap.”

What I really said was, “I wish you all the best, and will you give my son piano lessons?”

He said, “Thanks, and yes.”

My next call was the first of what I planned on being many and multiple calls to people who could connect me to a musician with some worship leading experience.  Marcia places Hope College students in ministry internships.  “Marcia, Jim Daniels here.  Hi.  Thanks for asking, things are going great.  We’re getting ready to move to two services in the fall.  I know.  We’re excited, too.  Say, I find myself in need of a worship leader.  Do you know of any students who need a good internship?  Oh.  Really?  I didn’t know the process would take a year.  A year…Ok, could we start that process for the future?  Thanks.  And thanks for your time.  Thanks for that.  We’ll need all the prayers you can send up for this fall.”

Next day: “Hello.  This is Jim.  Hi Marcia.  Pay?  Uh…kind of, not really.  Probably fifty bucks a week, probably.  More if I could find it.  Oh, really?  Just graduated?  Waiting for a girlfriend to graduate?  Has a beard?  He sounds like just the person.”

Paul visited Embody that week.  Then joined alongside Steven for a couple of weeks.  Last week was his first week with us and he’s just the daily bread we need.  So…long time in coming and it only took one phone call with God making the connections.

17 Day Diet Update: I’m eating salads and vegetables, two servings of fruit (but not after 2pm), chicken, eggs, turkey, fish, yogurt (which Dana keeps calling a “probiotic” which is a less appetizing thing to call anything) and no breads or starches.  I’m not really enjoying myself, and can’t really trust my scale (which may need a new battery), but I’m feeling like we may be on to something here.  Weight update to come.

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