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17 Day Diet

Back from vacation, and what should await me?  Apparently I’m on a diet.  Have you heard of this?  It’s the 17 Day Diet.  Dana was interested, and I’m game.  I’ll try it.  What do I have to lose?  Yah…like 50 pounds.  Here’s the simpleton’s jist of the diet: eat nothing you like for 17 days: nothing if what you like is bread, potato, pasta or anything with carbs.  You can eat some fruit (which, I’m told, is what makes this not the Atkins diet).  You can eat all the protien you want, but not peanut butter.  Something I did not know is that there is lean and fat protien.  I have to ask which is which before I eat.

Then, after 17 days you start to eat more of the things you like and then after another 17 you get to try and even out your eating.  The point being: change your habits – or something.  I’m totally into it (sarcasm alert).

But I AM game.  I am going to give it a go for three reasons: 1. Dana needs a partner, and I’m her partner. 2. I could stand to be healthier.  3. I value being a team player.

Sunday I’ll be preaching and the take away is that we’re all in this boat together and need to pull together to get the job done.  As we start to go to two services in 4-5 weeks we need all hands on deck to fill all the needs we have in writing the next chapter in our church’s story.  I value being a team player both at church and at home.

I’ll do these two things for you, my friends and family: I’ll give you an update over my next 17 days (amount of pounds lost or gained).  I’ll also give you updates on the progress of filling needed volunteer positions.

DAY 1: +/- Zero

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