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There are three entrances/exits to Lemonjello’s.  It’s a coffee joint in my town.  I use whichever one is closest to where I parked my car, and that usually turns out to be the small backdoor rather than the glass-covered-in-band-promo-posters ones that are larger and more obviously entrances and exits.

Today I met with Steven, my summer intern.  He’s preaching his first sermon on Sunday while I’m in Iowa participating in the ordination service of a friend.  We sat for a couple of hours discussing the fine-tuning of the sermon that will forever be his first sermon.  He’s well prepared and well thought out.  The kinds of things he’s coming up with are really great, and I am excited to hear how it goes.  Steven is going to be a great pastor, and I’m sure to many he already is.

But like most students there are a lot of things he’s unsure of…things that make him nervous or even a little scared.  I had my issues, Steven has his.  I’m not a master mentor or coach extrordinaire by any stretch of the meanings, but I think there is probably one thing that every student needs to overcome…same thing for 92% of them: lack of confidence.

It’s expected that they wouldn’t know what they’re doing or where they’re going.  But the thing they need to do (myself included) is simply believe in themselves and the gifts God’s given them, step up to the plate, take a few swings, miss a few and hit a few.  Just do it and believe that God’s going to make something good come of the hard work you’re putting in. 

After Steven and I met I was going to give him a ride home.  We each headed for the door, and by the time I realized that he hadn’t followed me to the door I was using, he was outside one of the large poster-covered doors.  He looked like I feel sometimes.  He was standing outside looking left and right – probably trying to figure out where I went.  I opened the door and said, “I’m parked out back.”

Confidence.  He was showing it in the wrong direction.  I will take it!  God will definitely use it.  That’s why we have coaches and mentors right?  Producing and directing confidence.

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