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Barb Said, “Yes.”

I meet on Wednesdays with Chris.  He’s my friend and pastor.  He’s also the pastor of a church on the other side of town.  I’ve written about him here before.  His church has a growing relationship with basketball playing guys from the community.  He told me this morning about the ongoing story that is this chapter of basketball and his church. 

Every week before the games begin he says something like, “Hi guys.  I’m pastor Chris.  Glad you’re here.  If you need to talk or have any needs, I’d love to talk.  Have a good time.”  Something like that, but probably less lame than it sounds coming out of this keyboard.  Yesterday he forgot to or didn’t get the chance to say his spiel before things got going.  But God.

God said it.  God must have said it to Anthony because Anthony approached him later that night and asked him about the church and revealed that he’s interested in coming to worship.  I don’t know if Anthony will come through on his promise, and, actually, I don’t think it’s as important as we may think it is that he show up this week or next.  The fact is that God is at work even when we’re not.

I said, “Chris, I’m confident that there are 400 RCA pastors in revitalizing churches who would give their finger for the opportunity to have God doing what God’s doing in your church.  What got the ball rolling at your church to get you going.  What did you do, or what did the church do to get going in this direction.

The answer sounded so Biblical.

There’s a school down the road that needed a place to play basketball – it’s a school for kids who aren’t fitting into the regular mold of school.  Call them troubled kids, call them unique thinkers, call them second or last chance kids.  Whatever – they’re in school, so I say, “yay.”  Their principal walked the tenth of a mile from school to church building and walked through the front door and into the office where Barb sat behind the desk.

“I’m principal so-and-so, can we play in your gym on such-and-such days?”

“Yes,” Barb said.  Doesn’t that sound Biblical to you?  God presents an opportunity or asks a question and God’s people get the chance to respond (this happens each week, by the way…after the sermon, right?).  Barb said, “Yes.”  Who knows if she had the opportunity to say yes.  Who cares.  God asked, she responded the only right way and now Anthony is interested in what God has to say to him and his family.

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