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Clarity with a Twist

I’ve mentioned before that I like to go to the chiropractor early on in the week because it gives me a few moments of quiet on the hydrolic stretchy table to think about next week’s sermon.  This week, however, what became clear to me was the sermon I had just finished preaching.

The doctor and I were talking about the passage I’d just finished on Sunday: Genesis 22 and the binding of Isaac – not my favorite story about God.  I told him we had come to the conclusion that sometimes God wants us to be willing to give him that which is close to us – even if God won’t take it…just willing.

We finish discussing it and he starts to work on my neck.  I’m laying on my back and he’s cradling my head in his hands.  He gently turns my head to the right and puts it at an odd angle.  Now, I’m not a fan of this particular chiropractic practice.  There’s something very unnatural feeling about having someone quickly turn your head like in the movies.  People die that way, man.

So, there I am, laying on the table with my head in his hands with visions of Jean Claude Van Dam running through my mind and obviously I’m tensed up about the whole thing.  I love my chiropractor.  He’s great (as good as Dr. Daron DeJong of Orange City – which is saying something).  And…I trust him.

He can feel the tension and resistance my neck muscles are giving him and in a gentle voice he says…almost under his breath, “Let me have it.”  And I do.  I relax.  And just as I do my head gets put in place with a quick, nonviolent twist.  Totally unnatural.  Totally worth it.  My headache is gone in an instant.

And in that instant the sermon makes sense to me…albeit after I preached it.  God cradles our heads in his hands and asks us to trust him.  He says, “Let me have it.”  And if we do, if we are willing to hand it over, if we can trust him with things we are…well…attached to, then everything gets put into place.

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