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From 2 to 17…no 18…ope…back to 17…ope…drivethrough now

Carol, proprietress (is that a word?) of The Way Cup Cafe, and I sit alone on a rainy Spring day.  It’s 9:36 and it happens like it does every weekday at about 9:35 or so.  This place goes from dead to an explosion of people and noise and busy for Carol.  There’s a big house being built down the street and a caravan of workers come here for their break.

Carol loves it and frequently sings the praises of Dick De Vos who is building his house and has been doing so for the last two years.  I say house, but…you know it’s more like a mansion.  I have no problems with it.  In the middle of the economic downturn that hit Michigan in a way it hit nowhere else that house has kept literally hundreds of families afloat in our area.

And Carol.

She goes into a flurry of activity and I can’t work because it gets loud and raucus and 15 guys are on break.  So…I take a break.  I’ve gotten to know a couple of these guys, and it’s led to a couple great conversations.  Someone walks in the door, sees the throng, and turns around to leave.  Then, while Carol is in the kitchen someone shows up at the drivethrough.  “Drivethrough, Carol!” one of the guys yells.  “Handle it!” she yells back.  And he does.  I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have his Food Handler’s Permit, but I’m guessing nobody cares.  He does handle it.

And there’s someone missing something.  It’s the guy who came in, saw the crowd and left.  If he’d waited a couple minutes, enjoyed the atmosphere of joviality, practiced a little patience, and taken a break along with everyone else (save Carol) he would have received more than java and a bagel.  He would have gotten the blessing available in surprise community.

Break is over and the men leave all together.  Carol stands over the cash register trying to figure out how her drivethrough window helper might have handled giving back correct change.  Then it’s back to just her and me. She sits down and smiles.  I know what’s going through her mind…”Thank God for Dick De Vos” or something like that.  I say, “Thank God for sudden community and the ability to go with the flow – to see it for what it is: not an inconvenience, but a bonus.”

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