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In Which an Increasing Number of People Search for Hugo

Not Hugo, but you get the idea

I have a friend who lives alone.  Well, not entirely alone.  She has dogs.  She loves animals and is always on their side.  For reasons that go beyond the scope of this story she has had difficulty being around people in the past, but dogs…a place in her heart.  She was coming out of the hospital after an appointment and something sad caught her attention.

A woman holding two leashes.  One leash was attached to a dog and the other was attached to an empty collar.  She was hollering, “Hugo!  Come back Hugo!  Huugoooo!”  More than just kind of a sad picture, right?  My friend was half way into her car when she was faced with a few dillemas.  Dillema number one: she says she has a passion for animals – especially dogs.  Can she just walk away from Hugo in his time of danger (they were near a busy road).  Dillema number two: this means dealing with people.

Overcoming herself, she approached the woman and soon they were working together to find Hugo.  And before long another woman had joined the seach party – she drove around and around the area looking.  Then, after a little while, a man came out his building and with a distant shout hollered and pointed that Hugo had gone that-a-way.  It didn’t take too much longer and both leashes were filled, thank-yous handed out and each person back to their regular life after experiencing something unique.

Not just the search for Hugo, but a thrown- together community.  There was something that linked them all together for just an hour or so, and it gave a hint, maybe a foretaste, and perhaps sadly an aftertaste of what could be or used to be: people brought together by a common care.  As we start a new church, I’m moved by a story like this one because what Hugo was able to do through following a squirrel I want to see the God do in our midst, but not in passing and not with an ending.

Here’s the key, I think: we have to take my friend’s cue and overcome ourselves – to offer kindness, even if it is costly.

  1. Dave
    April 26, 2011 at 10:12 pm

    Signs of the Kingdom, Jim….

    Good stuff!

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