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Ninja on a Bicycle

David on his way to the Way Cup Cafe

The following is a poem about a friend of mine who is a great example of service and selflessness.  He’s a terrific picture of gentleness and servanthood.  He rides his bike to the Way Cup Cafe and makes sure it’s clean and cared for, and I think he cares for more than just the cafe…because I feel it, too.  Thanks, David!  I hope you enjoy the poem.

Ninja on a Bicycle

Pedals gently

Coat swiftly to its place

Hands moving silently

Sits and stacks scattered papers

If you look away, he’s gone,

But the garbage is emptied

Unsanitary sliced away

And toilet paper restored

A second glance and he’s there, outside

But you never saw him move

Three sips of java and the patio is swept

Dirt cut into oblivion

Everything is gentle

But between the earbuds

A world-altering thought brews

Everything is gentle

But his heart beats with fierce passion

And he’s gone

You catch a glimpse of bicycle wheel

Reflecting the rising sun

Leaving as he came, a glimmer

A reminder of things to return

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