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The Jist of the Quist

Quist At Work

I want to introduce you to a friend of mine.  We see each other on Tuesday mornings at the Way Cup Cafe on 17th Street.  He’s young.  He’s a pastor.  He’s a pastor of a church in our target area.  He’s thoughtful.  He’s funny.  He’s smart.  So…he’s a young, thoughtful, funny, smart pastor of a church in our target area.  Oh…and the best part: he get’s it. 

His name is Mark Quist and he pastors a medium sized church (for this area).  The church has been around for a longish while and has all the properties of a church with multiple generations.  So, Mark has his work cut out for him in some areas and has it made in others.  Mostly, Mark is the kind of guy who knows how to patiently walk with a group of believers who genuinely want to make a difference for the Kingdom of God in their area…our area.

I love LOVE LOVE! it when I get to see Mark at the Way Cup, and I’ll tell you why.  It’s not because we sit for a few minutes before we get our sermons started for the week.  It’s not because he laughs at things I think are funny.  It’s not because we see things in the same way.  It’s not even the fact that we’re the same height (something tough to find for me in Dutchland here).  It’s this: every week when I see Rev. Quist I feel like Elijah under the broom tree when God reveals that he’s not the only one out there.

I am encouraged.  I’m strengthened.  I am reminded that God is at work in multiple places in multiple ways to do the same thing: usher in the Kingdom of God on the South side of our town.  Renewed and invigorated, I carry my coffee cup back to my table, laptop, Bible (mobile church office) and am spurred on to greater faith and works.  Who is that person for you?  For whom do you fill that role?

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  1. Dave
    April 12, 2011 at 11:37 am

    Thank you for this important reminder, Jim.

    It’s important for two reasons: Not only to be aware of those who encourage us – but to also thank them. Our ‘Encouragers’ may not have a clue that just by being who God created them to be, they play a vital, life-giving role of importance.

    It’s one thing for someone to come along side us and offer the words, “I just want to encourage you.” And I am grateful for those folks as well. They are being intentional with their encouragement and that important.

    But too often we overlook those who – day in and day out – are simply there when the road is dusty or boring or status quo.

  2. Joanie
    April 12, 2011 at 12:25 pm

    I agree with Dave. Thank you for this reminder, James. Many times, it’s those folks that just walk our path with us, arm around us, and prayers over us that make a huge difference. Oh, that I may be that kind of friend, too.

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