Tick Tock

It feels as though the clock is going backwards.  Here are the main reasons for such a feeling in ascending order:

1. I’ve been sick this week and sitting around the house, while I’m skilled, is not fun when it’s your only option.

2. Kind of tired of snow.

3. On Sunday morning we will complete a 6 month waiting period and finally go on a family vacation to Disneyworld.

There, I finally said it.  I don’t think I’ve posted anything about that on here before now.  It’s killing me.  Dana and I have kept it from the kids for 6 months.  Yes, it’s a secret to them.  Maybe you know how hard it is to keep something like that from your kids when you are super geeked and they are inquisitive, intuitive, intelligent people.  It’s hard! 

I’ve wanted to say something just about every day for the last month.  I’ve caught myself almost saying something about every day for the last month.  Plus, I made the incredibly irresponsible mistake of mentioning it in a sermon (my kids weren’t in the room).  I added about 60 people to the list of those who know and can’t let on to my kids about the trip……….excruciating!

But Sunday morning we’ll get up, I’ll go to church like normal and set up chairs, sound system, powerpoint, etc. and then return home (which is out of the norm for me).  At that point we’ll tell them we’re going on a vacation.  We won’t tell them where.  They’ll have about 1 hour to get psyched, fed, dressed, packed (backpack of fun – we’ve completed their clothes packing already).  Then we’ll get in the car and head out.  We’ll answer all questions about where we’re going with, “You’ll see” or “You’ll have to wait to figure it out” or some non-committal answer.

We’ll drive to the Grand Rapids Airport – their first chance to guess we’re headed to Disney.  We’ll head to the gate for Orlando – by this time Alex will have it figured out.  Once they guess correctly we won’t deny it.  Then we’ll arrive in Orlando and hop on the Disney’s Magical Express bus that will take us to our resort hotel (Pop Century).  Here comes the best part, the biggest surprise, and the part I’m most excited about:

A knock will be heard on our hotel room door and I’ll ask the kids to open the door.  When they do, they’ll find their good friends from Pella, IA, Haley and Skylar Hanson who will be joining us for the entire week at Disney.  They are going to FREAK!  I’m freakin’ a little just thinking about their freakin’.

Time is ticking by slowly, and it’s all I can think of.  Perhaps I should be looking forward with even more anticipation the Great Day when we shall with unveiled face behold the One who has blessed us and has made us to be a blessing.  It’s more than just wishing upon a star!

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