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Old Carseat

Recently we sold a car of ours (a little gray neon), and as I cleaned it out we said goodbye to a carseat that was permanently stationed in the backseat.  It was a hand-me-down from someone else.  Can’t remember who gave it to us…Dana will remember.  It was the kind where the big bar comes down from over the kid’s head and the seatbelt/harness clips between the kid’s legs.  Super safe and super bulky.  Come to think of it, that should probably be the way they market those things…if they wanted to be honest.

Bis was growing out of it, and I don’t think she ever really liked it because it really hindered what she could do and how she could move and what she could see.  The seatbelt/harness is the kind that you can move through different holes to accomodate your child’s growth, but alas, the Bis was being crowded by it on its largest setting.

The car and monster car seat have been gone for a little while now and it wasn’t until today that Bis mentioned she missed the old car and carseat.  She missed the CD I played in the car and she really lamented the loss of the carseat.  I try to take my kids seriously when they are sad about something being gone or changed.  We’ve lived in Michigan for over two years now and they “really miss” our house in Iowa.  They don’t even remember our house in Iowa.  But, I let them grieve the loss without smirking.

It struck me today that I do the same thing.  Sometimes I grow up and out of something that really fit earlier in my life.  Then I lament the loss of it.  Hopefully, I move on and grow attached to something else…there’s nothing wrong with getting a little attached to something as long as you can move on, right? 

As I lead a young church from infancy to toddlerhood it’s time to turn the carseat from rear-facing to forward facing, and I can already see that there are things we love about our rear-facing seat.  I can see that when it’s time to move from the toddler version to a booster it will be a tough transition, too.  Then, like many, many churches today it will be a struggle when we grow to the place where we need to accomodate some new and larger changes…the kind that comes with adding a larger change…one of daughtering our own infant or moving to a new car or whatever the change may be.

I just wish it weren’t so easy to hold on to the shoulder-pinching old carseat, the one we know we’re too old for, but feel so comfortable in.

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