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Brian Davis For President!

The title of this entry is a sign I saw alongside the road today.  That particular house had a homemade ice rink in the front yard.  I kid you not.  Right before it gets really cold every year these people build a rink.  There’s a framework of plywood and loads of what I’m expecting is super thick plastic sheeting in some unbelievably large size roll and butresses made of 2×4’s.  Then they must fill it with loads of water right before the first big freeze. Then *ka-zaam*…ice rink.  They were out playing hockey on it today: a Friday.

They should have been in school, but they weren’t.  And neither were my children – riding in the back of the van on our way to the grocery store to get a birthday gift for Nolan down the street (silly beans or something like that…I don’t know what they are).  No school.  Hasn’t snowed in days, sunny and beautiful out, but no school.  I was pretty confused, too.

Tuesday night we got somewhere between 13 and 17 inches of snow and the next day our road wasn’t plowed until after 4pm, so I understand no snow on Wednesday.  Everything in town was closed down.  Thursday…also no school.  Ok, they couldn’t get all the snow out of all the important places.  I get it.  Then, Thursday night after two sunny days home with the kids (who are loving this, by the way) we get a robo-call from Brian Davis, the superintendant of Holland Public Schools, who tells us that…yup…no school on Friday.

“What?! Seriously?” I say to Dana as she hangs up the phone.  Apparently there are over 1,000 kids who walk to and from school and they rely on local residents to have their sidewalks shovelled in order to safely get to school.  Because it’s just not cool to have some 1st grader walking on the streets.  But not everyone was able to get their stretch of 50-100 feet of sidewalk cleared in two days.  Now, I shouldn’t be too judgmental.  I don’t have a sidewalk, and I pay someone to plow my driveway.  Wednesday I didn’t get out of my pajamas.

Here’s my point: The robo-call I got on Friday night started to mess with me.  Brian Davis calling again.  Basically, he was imploring all residents to do what they can to help get the sidewalks cleared for kids who walk to and from school. He also asked us to work together to carpool kids.  It was kind of a beautiful moment, strangely enough, where a local leader taps us on the shoulder and calls us (even in the middle of a winter’s hibernation) to be a community.  To work together and help one another out.

I may just have to grab my shovel and head down near my son’s school this weekend to see if there’s a stretch of 50-100′ that needs my help.

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