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Getting Ready

The weather prognosticators are giddy and jumpy.  You can see their “nerd” level go up with each hour.  It’s in times like these when you realize that these weather forecasters are really just photogenic science geeks whose hearts go all a flutter for an upcoming storm, or better yet for the technical jargon they studied in meteorology classes.  I’m not putting them down…just the opposite.  I think it’s actually pretty great how they get psyched for the jet stream that brings a water-filled cumulonimbus across the lake and drops “lake-effect” snow on West Michigan.  (If you’re a weather nerd, please don’t respond with all that is wrong about what I just wrote…just smile at my ignorance…thanks.)

I’m feeling the same way as Sam Champion, my morning national weather guy on Good Morning America, who can hardly contain himself.  I’m not geeked about the snow, though.  I’m hyped over three new small groups starting this week: a men’s group, a Bible 101, and a Christianity Explored group.  For many people, this will be their first experience in a small group, and there is a lot riding on it.  If they have a bad experience, they might write off the whole experience of experiencing community in this way.  If, however, they keep at it, I believe they can have an extremely significant beginning to spiritual growth.

I’m leading the Bible 101 group at my house on Thursday.  I’m expecting 2 Embody friends to join me.  That would be nice.  We can really delve into the specifics of where they are and the questions they have.  There is a possibility, however, that Brett and Jaimi will bring some friends who have a lot of questions and don’t attend a church.  I pray they decide to commit to it, or at least try it, right?

Kathy is leading a Christianity Explored class.  She’s led it before at a previous church, and has just the right demeanor for a class like that.  She’s straight forward and thoughtful, but at the same time not pushy.  She has characteristics that are key in a church plant: patience and a willingness to allow people to be where they are while slowly encouraging them to move forward.  Super grateful for her!  I won’t be able to attend that group, so I have to be able to trust her (and God, I guess) that it will go well.

Soulinh will co-lead with me for the men’s group.  That group has the largest amount of people signed up.  More than anything, I want these men to read a good chapter of the book we’re going through and hopefully come to the place where we can be honest with each other.  Best of all things would be if these men would, by the end of the book, be willing to pray for each other.  That’s my hope and prayer.

So, I’m giddy and a little nervous for the coming winds that will be blowing through our church in the next week.  But…like Sam Champion, I’m not in charge of what happens – the Spirit of God blows where he will and creates the changes he deems needed at the time for the environment (or the Kingdom of God).

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