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Read At Home

Every other Thursday I go to my son’s classroom and grab a milk carton full of gallon freezer bags.  These bags have books in them and a name on the outside.  I call out three names from three bags.  The children whose names I’ve called get up from their desks and join me.  We head down the hall to the Read At Home room.

The RAH room is full of books separated into reading levels.  Every kid has a level.  2nd graders fall in a wide range: some at 9 or 10 (tend to be the kids who forget their books at home a lot), and some at 25 or 30 (tend to be the kids reading longer chapter books, and returning them every day).  Each child either goes and finds a new book to replace one they have completed, or they sit down to read to me. 

Every kid gets to read to me.  I only have one hour, so they only read a page or so.  I have to stop them and say, “Ok, let’s pause there and you can finish reading this at home…maybe to your little brother or sister.”  Some, I know, will not read at home for various reasons.  Others will make it the very first thing they do when they get home.

I know that as a male adult I have a unique role in a couple of these kids’ lives.  There is a chance that I’m the only consistent man in their life…and one who remembers their name.  I care about them and encourage them.  Some really are making remarkable steps in reading, and some, you can tell will not make too many steps because they are carrying the burdens meant for an adult, and don’t have the time or resources to read into the future.

The Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.  I pray every week that I’m able to join those kids that the Kingdom of God is recognizable and ushered a little more into their lives.  I’m at a public school, so I can’t give them something to read from the Bible, but I’m hoping that in the long run my presence will be a paragraph that makes a difference in them understanding that the Kingdom is for them particularly and attainable through the person of Jesus Christ.

On Thursdays my son comes home from school and I check to see that he’s reading what I helped him find in the Read At Home room.  And I hope to help him read the Kingdom at home, too…as difficult as that can be.  Righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.  Read that to whomever God brings into your sphere of influence.

  1. Dave
    January 27, 2011 at 12:56 pm

    Can I just say I like how you write because I like how you make me think about the Kingdom?

    I appreciate you…

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