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I know it’s usually taboo to tell someone’s age.  It can be considered rude if the person is a woman over a certain age.  Did you know that correct etiquette dictates that when you sit down to eat at a dinner party nobody should start eating until the oldest woman at the table begins eating?  How is that not awkward?  I can see it now:

“Well, Erma, I’m famished, would you like to begin?”

“Whatever could you mean, June?”

I guess I don’t think it’s a big deal.  Well, maybe if you start talking about who can drive at a certain age, or perhaps when you’re allowed to start filling your lungs with smoke.  But when you get to be an adult, there is a leveling, an evenness that comes about.  If you’re wise you begin to see that those younger than you can offer quite a bit to your life.  If you’re the younger in a group and wise, you’ll begin to notice that you don’t know everything.

I spoke with a man who’s been fixing cars for a long time.  He sees young men just out of tech school who come into the shop with their certification and a certain knowledge that they have every answer…until they don’t.  He says, “They know more than they understand.”

The same is true in faith.  Today I had coffee with a friend who is in desperate need of a Paul, a Barnabas, and a Timothy.  A person to learn from (Paul), a person(s) to walk alongside him (Barnabas), and a person to teach (Timothy).  I’ve found these people, and know that without them I’m going to fall flat on my face because I know more than I understand, and those things I do understand don’t help anyone who’s still learning.

I’m married to a woman who’s all three of those people for me.  I suppose I am those for her as well.  And even though it’s not socially acceptable to pronounce someone’s age, I am confident she won’t mind me telling you it’s her birthday today.  Iron sharpens iron and if one falls down there is another to pick him up. I’ve found these to be true.  Happy Birthday Dana: b. January 5, 19**

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