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And the Parent of the Year Award goes to…

Now that we’ve begun the new year, I thought I would share with you our most recent entry into the 2010 competition:

We went to a Northwestern College alumni gathering on Wednesday night.  The women’s basketball team, ranked #1 in the nation and reigning national champs, were playing #2 Davenport.  Davenport destroyed them and gave them their first loss of the season.  I have never seen a team full court press the WHOLE game, but they did and it worked.  You would think that the Davenport team would get tired by the end of the game, but no.  I could swear they were coked up.  Intense energy.  They deserved the win.

After our sad little basketball court experience, alumni from around the greater Grand Rapids, MI area gathered in a seperate room for some food and conversation.  There was a buffet line with sandwiches, veggies, and a bowl full of those little bite-sized hershey’s bars in the shiny wrappers.  I had one.  Pretty impressive that I stopped at one.  Self-Control, baby.

My son…not so much.  While Dana and I were visiting with friends from long ago, Alex and Bis were playing with the other children of parents who were also not paying attention to their offspring.  After nice speeches by the womens’ coach (so proud of the character of the women on his team) and the alumni director (proud to let us all know that there is a building project starting soon on campus – for which he’d be happy to receive donations), and after we had talked to everyone we could, it was time to go home.

We gathered the kids and got into the van, drove home, got the kiddos into bed and sat down to read.  Then we heard this: “Mom.”  We try to ignore the after-tuck-in protests.  “Mom.”  Still we ignore.  “Mom.”  From the top of the stairs now.  “Yes, Alex?”  “I got sick.”

Apparently 25 bite-sized chocolate bars do not sit well on a child’s stomach.  Here’s something else I learned: my son doesn’t understand that vomit needs to go, without circuitous route, into the toilet.  I could swear the kid stood there and spun in circles while puking.  Dana cleaned it up.  I helped him get cleaned up and take a shower.

If anyone is reading this and has recently gotten married and is thinking about jumping right into parenting…it’s still worth it.

  1. January 3, 2011 at 9:06 pm

    Oh, dear. That’s great. *this is me trying to convey how hard I laughed out loud and interrupted my husband’s studying to tell him about this*

    Glad to know it’s still worth it. : )

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