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Prayer with Alex

When Dana and I baptized our children we made a few promises.  One of those was a promise to pray for and teach them to pray.  We do the best we can to pray for them and model prayer as well as have them pray.  We pray around the table and at night before going to bed as well as when something particular happens that draws us to prayer (usually fear or sickness or someone in need).

Recently Alex and I were having a disagreement about something.  I can’t remember what, but I do remember that his voice was raised and mine was on the way to raised.  He made this statement, “Dad, sometimes I just don’t ‘get’ you.”  He nailed it.  It’s true, and it’s reciprocal.  I replied, “You know what, Alex?  Sometimes I don’t get you, either.  I love you, but I don’t always ‘get’ you.”  A nice honest moment.  Really diffused the situation, if I recall correctly.

So, the not ‘getting’ happens in a lot of ways and in a lot of settings, but it doesn’t stop me from trying to fulfill my promises.  We sat last night reading part of a book that talks about different images for God.  And when we were done I told him we needed to pray before bed.  Now, he’s not always willing to pray (something I don’t ‘get’.).  I said, “It’s time to pray and I want you to pray something real and honest to God…whatever you want.”



“I have a problem.”

“What’s that, Alex?”

“Whenever I pray I tell God that I love him and then this little voice in my head says, ‘that I’m kidding and don’t really love God’, but I do.  I do love him.  I hate that voice.”

“Alex, that sounds like exactly the kind of thing to pray about.  God knows what’s truly in our hearts, doesn’t He?”


So, we prayed.  And that prayer, the one he prayed after that conversation…that I get.

  1. Dave
    December 30, 2010 at 11:38 am

    Thanks for sharing this sacred moment, Jim.


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