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So this is what this looks like…interesting.

Yesterday was Sunday, December 26.  One day after all the presents are opened.  My kids have been sequestered away from other children because school has been out, and their grandfather (lovingly known as “Papa”) has been at our house since Wednesday – so they’ve been spending time with him.  Now it’s Sunday and they get to see their friends at church and ask and answer the great question that comes to and from every child, “What did you get for Christmas?”

Our church was thin yesterday.  We’ve not had a lot of Christmases as a church, so I didn’t know what to expect.  So, 45 people is just fine with me.  Next year I’m hoping for 90.  There were a few kids there, though.  Josh is in kindergarten and his brother Luke is preschool age.  Last week both my kids went to their house for the weekend.  This week Alex and Josh wanted Josh to come over and try Alex’s new Madden ’08 Football game for the Wii.  Used is new to them, right?

When the decision was made and declared to the children that Josh would come to our house, but Luke would not…Luke was not pleased.  He’s still kind of a handful, and I don’t think we’re up to Luke duty just yet at our house – soon, I’m sure.  Ok, now for the picture I wanted to share with you from the beginning:

I walked past our toybrary (like a library, except people share all their toys in common) at church I heard incredible screaming and crying.  I knew that Luke had gotten the message that he was going to be alone at home with no Bis to play with.  I expected this.  What I didn’t expect was seeing how bis dealt with Luke in such distress.

She’s standing four feet from him.  She’s watching him with more than mild interest.  She’s slowly licking a lollipop.  I can almost hear what’s going through her brain, “So this is what this looks like…interesting.  I wonder if it looks like this when I cry and lose it in public.  Hmmm.  Hey, this lollipop is good.”

I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me to see her do this.  I think I do it all the time, but it sounds a little more mature, until you put it into print, “These people who buy more Christmas presents than they can afford…sheesh, can’t believe them.”  Or, “Why can’t that guy pick a lane to drive in?”  Or, “That lady is obnoxiously loud in the booth next to us.”

Perhaps an appropriate Christmas gift for everybody, including myself, would be a mirror.

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