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Chiropractic Part 1

Traction's Finest Machinery

Once a week I go and visit my friend, Dr. Kirk.  He’s my chiropractor.  The routine is pretty much the same every time: I come in and sign the registry, visit with Renee and Julie (the wonderful people who keep the place running smoothly), read Time magazine, then get called back to one of the rooms.  They ask me how I’m doing and replace the paper where faces go on the Lloyd Galaxy chiropractic table.  Then I lay down and the traction begins.  My torso stays put while my hips and legs lower with the hydrolics.  It stretches out my lower back so that when Dr. Kirk comes in I’ll be ready for manipulation.

During this traction time I get a chance to think.  I like to come in on Mondays or Tuesdays because that’s when my sermons are beginning to formulate.  I have time to think about them.  I’ve been thinking this week about the incarnation – the “fleshing” of God.  It made me start to ask questions like these:

Did Jesus have lower back problems?  He was a carpenter (could have been stone worker).  Did he have his buddies “crack” his back?  What about his arches?  Did he have fallen arches due to lack of sufficient arch support in his sandals?  He walked a lot, you know.  What about his left knee?  Was his kneecap ever out of place, making it painful to walk up and down hills?  Could he cut left or right to avoid an out of control donkey?  Did he ever get food poisoning?  Not from shellfish, obviously, but…something?  How about his teeth?  Ever problems with a molar?  Did Jesus Christ ever trip and fall and skin his knee and elbow?  Did the synagogue bully ever punch him and bust his nose as a kid?  What about the runs?  Sorry to be graphic, but did Jesus ever get sick?

“The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.”  Does Jesus Christ understand all the maladies of being human and understand my complaints and my body’s groaning for the culmination of time when all of me will find shalom?

I love Dr. Kirk, Julie and Renee.  I’ll bet Jesus could have used their help now and again.

  1. May 5, 2012 at 1:06 pm

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