On my way yesterday I saw a young person get stuck in the snow.  She did what most people do when they get stuck: she got out of her car, looked at the car, scratched her head, walked around the car giving that look that says, “how did this come to be?”  Perhaps you’ve done the same thing.

I hate getting stuck – happened to me a couple years ago and I had to get some help by people going by.  So…I’m the one going by this time.  I park my car and can see that it won’t be overly difficult.  No digging required, no tow rope.  I can not, however, do it alone, so I’m glad to see this young woman’s friend pull up behind her and an elderly gentleman.

Before you know it the young woman is in her car while her friend, myself, and the older fella are pushing on the front of her compact car.  Funny thing about pushing a car in snow: it works best when the person driving takes her foot off the brake.  Once we got that figured out, it was a breeze.

There’s something larger there.  When I feel stuck, and there are Three wanting to push me out of the muck, I must initially take my foot off the brakes.

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