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The bird, not the Catholic


Our house is covered in snow.  Coincidentally, by nature of being nearby, so is our backyard.  We’ve got, I don’t know, 20 inches or so – enough that our dog doesn’t want to go out and enough that my kids do want do go out.  At lunch today I had a sudden inhalation of breath as I looked out the kitchen window.

Along the fenceline between my house and Roy Gibson’s house is a line of bush/trees.  Not sure what they are, but I trimmed them last spring from 15 ft. to 7 ft. with the help of a friend.  They looked extravagantly ugly at the beginning, but later in the summer they ended up looking great – vindication for a risky springtime pruning.

Anyway, the bush/trees are thinned out and have only a remnant of dead leaves hanging on…brown branches with brown leaves – you can see the stark white of snow through them.  And then the thing that made me take a breath out of nowhere.  The unexpected pop of color, a cardinal (the bird, not the Catholic – that would also have made me catch my breath, but in a freakier way).  In the middle of the branches one, wait two…Dana come and look at this…now I see three cardinals in the bush/tree back there.

We just stared out the window while my soup bubbled on the stove and her bagel thawed in the microwave.  It had the ability to stop us dead in our tracks and put everything else out of mind for a moment.  A laser beam of focus on the bright color in the middle dappled brown and white.

What must it have been like for shepherds in the field who saw, then heard, angels?

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