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Going Beyond Sandbar

I love being surprised.  Well, I should say that I love being surprised by pleasant things. (As an aside: my birthday is December 23).

As most kids ages 5-7 my kids love to wrestle.  It’s a little tricky with a bad back.  One moment of frivolous wrestling can lead to 3 days flat on my back, but I try to play that way with them the best I can because they love it.  Usually we play games that allow me to be as completely lazy as possible.  Let me tell you about three games we’ve played:

When Alex was very little and just starting to walk and wanted to wrestle a bit we would play “Sandbar”.  That’s where Dad lays on the ground and does absolutely nothing.  He’s a sandbar.  The rules are pretty simple: Dad does nothing and Alex got to climb all over me.  Great hand-eye coordination for him, a little nap for me.

As Alex got older and Bis came along (who is much more forceful and attacking in her wrestling style) we moved to “Bear”.  That involves a little more action on dad’s part, but not a whole lot more.  It starts out a lot like Sandbar, but moves into the kids poking and prodding a sleeping bear…trying to wake it up from its slumber.  Just when they’ve either reached the boredom point or when their poking and prodding really does get to be painful, the bear wakes up and with a mighty roar swipes his paws at them and captures them and gobbles them up.  Pretty fun.  I get half a painful nap and they get the surprise of when the bear will wake up and how ferocious he’ll be.

Then there’s what you might call Horsey.  Well, you might call it that, but I think we’ve come up with a new name.  The kids get on my back like on a horse.  I try to get them off.  My back won’t allow me to buck or raise up too fast, but I can lean and tuck a shoulder and twist so that it’s impossible to stay on.  Kind of fun.  Limited work on my part and rough and tumble for them.

I think we’re going to change the name of that game, though because the other day Madalyn surprised me.  She’s good at that.  Here’s what she said as she sat on my back, “Giddyup, Moose!”  ? Whatever ?  Who knows what goes through that girl’s mind.  Now it’s “Moose.”

Try something new this month.  Give something a new name.  Better yet, surprise someone with your joy and a smile…it doesn’t have to be connected to something wrapped up under the tree.  HAPPY holidays!

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