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Windy Days

Have you ever opened a door only to find that you misjudged the amount of force necessary to get it opened?  Sometimes it’s way heavier than you thought it would be and you look like a wimp trying to open something way to heavy for you.  Or on other ocassions you find the door much lighter than you expected and the force you exert causes the door to fling open waaaaay to fast.  So fast, in fact that you are unprepared and it leaves your hand.  It pounds into the wall or into a person (I once hit a little kid…felt horrible).

When this happens you feel like a total jerk.  I wonder what people think.  “That guy must be ticked off.” or “What’s with Steroid McGee?”  You look around to see who saw you open it with such force and then give an appologetic look and try to rectify the situation.  Maybe you intentionally try to open the door again like you’ll get a different result…like the first opening was a “practice opening” or something.  You can’t look cool.  It just got away from you – out of control.

It’s totally understandable when it happens.  People know.  They get it.  Especially if it’s windy out.  The door is pushed closed.  Or maybe once it gets a small chance to catch the wind it flings open.  The wind was unexpected, powerful, had a mind of its own.

I feel this way when the Holy Spirit makes a move.  I’ve made my move.  I move to open the door and that’s all God wants – I move toward the door and then BAM! it flings open…or…it won’t hardly budge.  All I have to do is turn the handle and exert the smallest bit of force to find out what kind of door I’m working with – the one I should open or the one I should leave shut.

This is where I’m at right now with a possible change in church venue.  What will happen when we make a change?  Going to 2 services or moving to a new building.  BLOW!

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